All You Need to Know About Mulmul Fabric.

All You Need to Know About Mulmul Fabric.

If there is one thing that the fashion lovers are looking for, it is only and only mulmul fabrics. There would not be a single person in the world that would have not heard about the mulmul fabric. This fabric has a separate fan base of its own. Mulmul fabric is one of the softest fabrics that you would ever come across. Any idea why people from India have so much liking for mulmul fabric? Any guesses? We will give you an answer. The mulmul fabric originated on the soils of India. The mulmul fabric by yard is one of the most sought after fabrics in the Indian textile industry.

Just like its name, the mulmul cotton fabric has a very fascinating history. We recommend every fashion lover to at least read once about the mulmul fabric by yard. The mulmul cotton fabric originally has genus in the regions of Iraq. The mulmul cotton fabric originated in the city of Mosul. From the city of Mosul, the mulmul fabric by yard derived its name. Mulmul cotton fabric has always been one of the most sought-after commodities for trade. That is the reason why the Europeans made it a primary commodity for trade. However, it is difficult to state any firm background of the mulmul cotton fabric. Talking about its first references, the book called “The Travels' ' written by Marco Polo in 1298 approximately mentions about the mulmul cotton fabric in detail. Talking about its history in Indian context, the traces of the mulmul cotton fabric by yard can be found in the regions of Bengal and Bangladesh. It was the weavers of Bangladesh and Bengal that introduced the mulmul cotton fabric by yard to the Indian society. They used to weave mulmul fabric using the technique called the discontinuous weft technique.

When you talk about mulmul fabric, an Iraqi name strikes your mind. But do you know that this beautiful piece of fabric is known by different names in different parts of the world? If we talk about Europe, the mulmul cotton fabric goes by the name of Muslin fabric. As we said earlier that European markets treat mulmul cotton fabric as one of the top most commodities of trade, therefore the mulmul cotton fabric is famous mostly in Europe only. A large portion of the textile industry is dominated by the Mulmul fabric in Europe. 

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of reasons to love mulmul fabric by yard. If we talk about the most prominent reason amongst all reasons, then it would be the attribute of softness. The mulmul cotton fabric by yard is one of the softest and most fine fabrics. The elegance of clothes made of the mulmul fabric by yard can never be matched.

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